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How to solve the mountain bike bowl group loose

Writer: Time:2018-01-04 Clicks:550seconds


     If the bowl is loose, it will brake before and after the occurrence of chatter, of course, there are other conditions, some of the old forks and low-end fork because the fork inside and outside the tube gap expansion, but also in the impact, the occurrence of more severe vibration before and after.

     The first situation is the easiest to deal with because you just have to loosen the captive screws on both sides of the riser and then fasten the cap screws to secure the gap. , You need to completely change the fork, and usually some of the fork in the use of more than 2 years will send a similar situation with full use, and some people may ask why not fully correct it, I also questioned me on this question Vendor, the other told me that fork itself is a consumable, especially those who are often off-road, can be used for two years and is often used, has recovered the value of.

     There is another situation, loosening the horizontal frame from the bowl group is too large, this phenomenon may be the bowl group planning Perlin and cone angle of the touch point of view, it may be under the great impact of the vehicle to expand the first tube, The latter situation is very dead, declaring your frame is about to end.

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