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Which material is good for mountain bike seat

Writer: Time:2018-01-04 Clicks:498seconds

Bicycle cushion in general there are two, a relatively large and relatively thick, sitting on the more comfortable, the other a more narrow, mainly used in mountain biking or road vehicles, such a bicycle cushion high cost, good quality, For long-distance riding and mountain bike players is more applicable.

Comfortable cushion, in fact, is not determined by the brand, after all, for different needs, they are not the same for the cushion products. It may be for some workers, they ask the cushion can be more comfortable, so the material requirements are very high. But for some professional racers, not only do they need to be comfortable, they also need speed, so they require more cushioning. Now some of the more high-quality cushions, the general material is the use of foam and silicone materials to create two; under normal circumstances, the foam material can be adjusted in the hardness above, so in the process of riding on the bike A center of solid support has a more positive help. If it is silicone material, then because of the weight of silica gel is relatively large, and relatively soft nature, it will not be used directly as a cushion, but only as a partial structure of the cushion appeared.

Now generally used for urban riding cushion, the material is based on the foam, foam material because the area can be larger, suitable for different models, and the expansion of contact area, to further reduce the human buttocks and cushion of a friction , Effectively reduce the uncomfortable feeling of riding process. There are many models are equipped with a dedicated cushion, not to say that a cushion can be with their own bike together. For example, when buying cushions, we first have to understand what their own car model, and then according to the car to choose different types of cushions. Of course, no matter what kind of cushion, how much superior material quality, if in the long process of riding, people still feel some degree of paralysis, which is for sure. So we suggest that you can take appropriate rest during the ride, so as to be able to play the best role cushion.


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